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A Professional CV Writing Service

The Gift of Feedback

You build rapport with the customer when working on an assignment, as demonstrated in our customer testimonials.

Working together, we can build a CV you may not have thought possible.

We have always found the CV creation experience a partnership to seek out some people's qualities but may not realise.

The work does not stop until the customer is always happy with the final CV.

We take pride in our client testimonials, ensuring they are delighted with our service.

Pressure Testing

Use advanced ATS software to take the emotion out of reviewing your CV.

We can take your initial score and design a CV to beat our 80% ATS measure.

After a 4-phase 20 points testing script, we benchmark against a target to beat 80%.

Small changes can significantly impact a CV during the CV writing process.

The testimonials' scoring indicates the difference a little CV magic can have on ATS scoring.

Customers & Rapport

CV writing assignments have included;

  • Military serving personnel.

  • Executive Directors.

  • Teachers.

  • Police Force Staff.

  • Construction staff.

  • Various Trades.

  • Care Workers.

  • School Leavers.

Some young adults leaving school can have a particular challenge with a CV. There have been challenging CV writing assignments, but we have always written a magical CV at the end of our work together.

Our Professional CV Writing Packages


CV Writing Assignment Feedback

Minor changes and working in the margin can significantly impact writing a CV.

Below are a few of our client testimonials from real people engaged in our CV writer service.

Black & White CV writing service is personal and friendly, taking the hard work away.

Professional CV Writer Service - Ex-Royal Engineer - British Army Feedback

Jack RE - British Army - Colonel

CV ATS Impact began at N/A and is now at 98%
Thank you for helping me identify the skills from my military career to the civilian business. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.
Professional CV Writing Service - Royal Mail Employee Feedback

Tracey - Royal Mail

When I left my last job, I was without a CV, not requiring one for the previous 14 years. B&W could not have been more helpful, asking questions and offering suggestions until I was delighted with my CV.

I then took the weekend off and started applying for jobs on Monday; I had another job by Wednesday!!

Professional CV Writing Service - Ex-Royal Marine Feedback

David - Ex-Royal Marine

CV ATS Impact began at 23% and is now at 93%
Many thanks for your help. It is a great relief knowing my CV is in a far better state than it was last week.
Professional CV Writing Service - Geography Teacher Feedback

Laura - Geography Teacher

Trust Black and White to bring out that new version of yourself for a new role in the job market if you need change. They are professional and genuinely work positively and creatively to write a CV for your work new path in life.
CV Writer Service - Teacher in Education Feedback

Fran - Education - Teacher

CV ATS Impact began at 3% and is now at 81%
With little to no knowledge of how a CV should look, with the support of Black and White, I walk away proud to present my CV to future employers.
I would very highly recommend it.
Local Professional CV Writing Service

Tina - Executive - Director

CV ATS Impact began at N/A and is now at 91%
Always a pleasure working with you.
Thank you for rechallenging my thinking and creating an even more magical CV.
Five stars from me, as always.
Professional CV Writer Service UK

Lisa - Business Manager

CV ATS Impact began at 8% and is now at 95%
Black and White pulled a brilliant CV together for me, something a little different and challenged my initial thinking. Excellent service and timely turnaround, thank you.
Professional CV Writing and Writer Service - Royal Navy Feedback

Shaun - Royal Navy - Rating

CV ATS Impact began at N/A and is now at 93%
Great work with my CV; thank you for the timely turnaround.
You nailed the military conversion to civvy street; I love it.