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Your frequently asked questions answered - We answer some of your questions in more detail below.

If you require further support or have a question to ask, please get in touch with Black and White.
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Why Black and White

Why should I use the Black and White CV Writing Service?

We created the brand Black and White, keeping a CV writing service simple, with no grey areas.

With over 30 years of experience in recruiting, CV selection, interviewing, and candidate assessments.

We know what businesses look for on a CV, including avoiding areas.

Regardless of your career history or education, we will find the qualities you have to include on your CV.

Payment Security

Is my payment safe & secure?

Yes, we use a separate online checkout system using Square-Online. Safe and secure online for all online payments.

Most payment methods are catered for during the online checkout process.

Apple Pay.

Credit and debit cards.

Google Pay.

PayPal by request.

Can I Take A Peek?

Can I see the difference Magic will have on my CV?

An assignment is tailored to each individual. No two CVs are the same.

We choose the correct format to meet the assignment requirements carefully.

The links below show two examples from CVs initially 4 A4 pages.

For example, 1-page conversion.

Example 2 page conversion.


How do we communicate with each other?

We agree on the preferred method of communication with the customer after a package is purchased.

Email, telephone, Teams. Facetime, the list is extensive.

Most customers share their CVs via email in the first instance with a follow-up call to discuss their CV expectations.

We will work to your communication preference until you are delighted with your CV.


How long will it take to complete my CV?

Every customer works on different timescales.

Part of the initial contact will agree on the timescales you are working towards.

We work hard on every assignment to make sure we have thought through every piece of detail to create a great CV.

CV Updates

Will you update my CV at a later date?

We keep a client CV assignment pack for three months to conform to our data protection requirements. After that period, the CV assignment is removed using MacAfee Data Shredder.

We will provide it free if you require a CV update within that period. Send the necessary changes to Black & White, and we will make those changes for you.

This service is for minor tweaks and updates, including titles, name changes, dates, phone numbers, and email addresses.


Is my data safe?

Yes, all data is password-protected; no conversation will ever occur outside of our relationship. We pride ourselves on integrity and maintaining customer confidentiality.

We hold your CV assignment data for three months from the point of purchase. After that period, we used MacAfee Data Shedder to erase our work together.

Our Experience

What experience do you have?

With over 30 years of experience in recruiting, CV selection, interviewing, and candidate assessments. We have operated at an Executive Board Level in business.

We know what businesses are looking for on a CV, including areas to avoid.

We know how to work with you to get the best from you on your CV.

Cover Letters

Do I need a cover letter?

Not in all circumstances. It will depend on what and how you are applying for a position.

If you upload your CV to a site with an option to upload a cover letter, a good cover letter should be uploaded.

If you are applying personally to a person or business, a cover letter can be polite to introduce your CV.


Do I need a LinkedIn Profile?

LinkedIn has become a powerful platform for recruitment and your potential employers.

LinkedIn is free to set up, and it a has feature to show on your profile that you are open to opportunities. That is made public; caution if you do not want your employer to know you are looking for another role.

Top Tip, a bright, professional profile and well set out.

We can help with LinkedIn Profiles.

ATS Testing

What is ATS?

Large recruitment websites and businesses may not use a human interface to review the volume of CVs submitted. There can be hundreds of applicants for a particular position.

Businesses have learnt to speed up the shortlisting process with computer Algorithms to select the top candidates, sometimes called ATS.

Your CV must pass basic ATS pressure testing. If you are not passing through to interview selection, failing ATS could be one reason.

There are too many potential algorithms to detail; the list of metrics is extensive depending on the ATS system used.

A few areas to consider.

  • Format of the CV, is your CV ATS friendly?

  • Are the critical skills required for the role missing?

  • Spelling, typos and grammar.

  • Word count, too few or too many.

  • Missing qualifications.

  • Experience required.

Armed Forces

We offer a service for people converting from a UK military career to a civilian business work life.

We have experience creating a CV to help your transition into the business.

Black and White Services has worked with several individuals from the UK Armed Forces looking for a career change.

We will turn that service into a business language and create a magical CV attractive to businesses by working with your service career history.


I need some help.

Send the issue in an email to EMAIL Black and White, and we will see what we can do to help you.